I’m brave sometimes and I mingle with a crowd,
Even if it becomes too rambunctious or too loud.
I’m not crazy so why do I listen to politicians
Who promise the moon and tell everyone to sacrifice?
If they followed their own advice,
That would suffice,
And I would listen.
I am a trouble-maker for sure,
I dare to raise funds for cures
For diseases like cancer.
So why do I ask
For all to do a task?
How can I help make this world a better place,
If I urge others to a faster pace
And only use words?
My words are sometimes silent,
But waiting for action.
For action speaks louder than words.

March 25, 2017


Another birthday, hip, hip, hooray!
I get to face another fine day.
A birthday cake I make for myself,
If I want to blow out candles
That have been hiding on the shelf.
I’ll be careful not to burn my house down
All the candles represent all I’ve found,
The truths about love and hate
My life I’ve denied and blaimed it on fate.
one candle for others I’ve hurt on the way
Another for loved ones, too many to say.
Candles for all the debts I need to pay.
A giant cake, with candles galore,
My heart is melting, and yet there is more.
Another birthday, and I’m all alone,
Wait! Is someone calling on the phone?
Someone’s knocking on my door,
It seems my life is not quite as bad,
I still have friends and I’m not so sad.
Another birthday to cheer and celebrate,
But I don’t want to leave it up to fate.
Tomorrow I’ll visit family and my friends,
Get out of my house and make amends.
Everything I have is more than I need
I’ll share with others and plant the seeds
Of love and hope.
Another birthday? one more way
To love others and make their day.


This had to be my lucky day.
I had returned, ready to parlay
My meager winnings into something big.
Already a crowd was gathering,
To see what I might do,
Curious as to what might ensue,
Whether I won or if I lost,
Anxious to determine the cost.
I started out small,
Trying to build confidence
With each call.
Two jacks, a straight, a flush,
I was getting a rush,
Thinking I was beating the house,
But I caught myself in time.
Something was not quite right.
Perhaps another game tonight
Might quell my fears.
I stopped at a table on my way out. I knew I could roll the dice. I had no doubt. With permission I rolled three, then a four. SEVEN. I was sure I had help from Heaven. I could do it again. Three, then four again. It was time to walk out the door. I didn’t need to win anymore. I smiled and said, “The dice are hot. One more time, and the future is mine.” A three again. No more bets. I would parlay my earnings into treasure. Confidently I cast my second die. It skipped happily across the plush velvet. Another three. I thought I was a gambler but that was all for me. The crowd cheered and said that was brave of me to try one more time. Be that as it may, I’d rather parlay my winnings into something big.


He sat there rocking back and forth,
Ruminating about the past,
Wondering how it had gone so fast.
“I never realized that this old hickory chair
Would always be here.
This old chair was around
When Alice and I settled down.
She was my queen until Mildred came to town.
‘Mildred?’ She was my mail order bride,
I couldn’t have chosen a finer woman.
Alice waited patiently outside.
‘Alice? Oh yes, Alice. Alice was my favorite.
Mildred was jealous for awhile
But she realized we couldn’t get work done
Without that mule.
Mildred wasn’t a fool.
My first kiss,
I hope you get all this.
It was something special.
But those times are long gone
And I don’t go to town alone.
Now there’s just you and me
And this old rocking chair of hickory.
Enjoy your time, boy,
And take a moment to ruminate
Before it’s too late.”
Grandpa and me don’t talk much anymore.
I don’t understand his life,
And I’m not sure if he had a wife.
But I just try to be near
If he has something he wants me to hear.


I’ve been given another day
To work,love, or waste it away.
It’s my choice
And there’s no pressure
from any source.
Should I undo any wrongs I’ve done?
I’ll never fill my bucket
With good deeds.
So why the bonus day,
When I see others more likely
To do good?
There are doctors, lawyers,
Mechanics, Ordinary guys,
Who serve others without asking why.
So why am I given this bonus day?
What makes me special?
I have no answers that suffice,
But my heart is warm and will melt
Any ice
That I encounter today.
Hello, welcome to my world.
There’s always room for another friend.
Tomorrow, I’ll love and laugh
And welcome another day
If one should happen to come my way.

Off Center

He was a little off center, at least that’s the way I would have described him when I saw him digging through the trash. Didn’t he have a better way to make money? He shook his head. I couldn’t see his eyes but I remember how he had faced the crowd and made people shiver. His blue eyes were warm and friendly at first. Then they turned icy cold. He had power in his eyes.
Chuckling loudly, he went back to his task of gathering the cans, cartons, and other things that could be reused. I laughed at his dedication and he laughed at my lack of purpose. “Don’t you care about the world?” he asked. “You know how hard it is to get people organized into groups. No one wants to donate time or money. And let me tell you a little secret. This world is on its last legs. A little wobble or two and it will spin out of control. Smack! At least it would make a loud noise if it falls against something.”
“You don’t really believe that, do you, John? And if you did believe in a disaster, why are you digging and collecting trash?”
He smiled again. “We have to start somewhere, doing all we can. Maybe I am just an example of one man doing one task. At least I’m doing something.”
“John, this is crazy. You won’t accomplish enough. Besides, the truth takers are out and about. IF they catch you telling the truth, they will cut off your tongue. Tell lies instead. Lies can’t harm anyone. But if you continue telling the truth and others believe you, the truth takers will be blamed for doing nothing. They don’t want the truth known. They want everyone to be happy.”
“John, I’ve warned you before. Remember that ugly poetry you were writing and talking about last week. It had too much truth and it made people unhappy. I didn’t want to turn you in. You’re my friend. Isn’t that the truth?”
I looked down at his hands. His right hand was wrapped in a bloody cloth. He saw me staring and he said defiantly, “No, you’re not my friend. You are a truth taker and a liar. When I wrote poetry I wrote from my heart. I believed the truth would set me free. My fingers on that hand are gone and you threaten my tongue. You don’t scare me. I want to do good things until I die.”
“John, the truth takers are coming. Run and hide.”
“Where will I go? You took my eyes a few weeks ago.” There was no reasoning with him. He had gone crazy. There was no reason to keep telling the truth. He was my best friend but who needs friends? I know what is best for me, and for you. Isn’t that the truth?


He was not the center of the universe. He was merely a poet writing prose and verse. Wandering from town to town, he had no ambition to go up or down. He was merely a poet observing his fellow men, (and women), discovering how he could lend a hand, helping all who needed his talents. He was in the center of his life, the past already spent, the future not worth one cent, the center being all he had, and whether it was good or bad, he was a poet, lost in verse, perhaps his curse to see everything in real time, to feel strong emotions, and to discover truth.


via Daily Always expecting to be the center of attention, Al demanded all eyes to focus on him. If someone forgot just for a second, the whip would lash out and deal punishment to the helpless soul. James was aware of the consequences but he was tired of catering to Al’s egotistical demands. With bold steps James stood up and proceeded to the center of the stage. While others shrank back, James stood proudly, defiantly staring into Al’s eyes. Al lifted the whip and prepared to strike a punishing blow but his arm was locked into place. James smiled as Al snarled in frustration. James laughed and said, “Don’t you know the rules have changed? Love conquers all. If your peers choose to love you, your hate will consume you until the least of men or women have revenge. You will continue to be front and center, covered with thoughts of love.” Al could no longer rule by hate and fear. Love was the beginning and the end, but more importantly, love was the center. Prompt: Center


The coffee’s on,
I’ve got a headache.
According to the news,
The world’s in bad shape.
There were floods, accidents,
And rumors of wars.
Much worse than last week.
What should I do,
When everything’s gone awry?
I’ve still got a headache
And my coffee’s getting cold
The neighbor called and said
Her cow got out
And ate her flowers,
Her dog chased a skunk
Now her house smells bad.
My coffee is cold
But my world is not so bad.
It doesn’t stink.
I’m going back to bed
While I’m still ahead.


Three months ago I closed my mind,

Folded it into sections,

Packed it away forever.

I had given up, called it quits,

Knowing that I could not exist

On the meager portion of life

That was parceled out to me.

Parkinson’s Disease was strangling me,

Slowly but surely.

I was not able to walk without pain.

My driver’s license was rescinded.

Friends and relatives stayed away.

My source of writing had dried up.

My muse avoided me.

I still put on a happy face

But inside I was crying.


Two months ago I was encouraged

One more time to try medications

New to me though thousands of years old.


Not something I had wanted to use

Cannabis led to harsher drugs

Took away initiative and drive,

Brought death and destruction

And was illegal.

I was desperate to relieve pain.

Like a cautious mouse

I nibbled.

My thoughts clarified

I began to relax.

The severe muscle cramps disappeared

Walking and other exercises brought hope.

Side effects were positive.

I nibbled some more.

The sky didn’t fall, my life wasn’t over.

It was just beginning

For the second time.



Dan Roberson