Dreams of wars and dreams of hate,

Flow through me at an alarming rate.

Is this the calm before the storm,

That will ultimately seal our fate?

We’ll see! We’ll see!

The eye of the hurricane is passing through,

Hurry, get inside! The winds are returning for me and you!

Those who glorify war and play its game,

Have forgotten that war’s a beast and difficult to tame.

War and hate leave destruction in their wake,

It doesn’t seem to matter how many lives they take.

I don’t believe this is the calm that precedes the storm,

For this storm is smaller is riddled with lies.

But I see a great storm with power greater than the norm.

One that provokes enemies but I anticipate hate built from

Collusion and calculations and attacks from within.

The costs of war are staggering,

But in the past when we were knocked down,

We faced our terrors and got up round after round.

There are no guarantees and this time may be different.

Are we in the calm before the storm?

We’ll see!  We’ll see!

October 10, 2017



via Daily Always expecting to be the center of attention, Al demanded all eyes to focus on him. If someone forgot just for a second, the whip would lash out and deal punishment to the helpless soul. James was aware of the consequences but he was tired of catering to Al’s egotistical demands. With bold steps James stood up and proceeded to the center of the stage. While others shrank back, James stood proudly, defiantly staring into Al’s eyes. Al lifted the whip and prepared to strike a punishing blow but his arm was locked into place. James smiled as Al snarled in frustration. James laughed and said, “Don’t you know the rules have changed? Love conquers all. If your peers choose to love you, your hate will consume you until the least of men or women have revenge. You will continue to be front and center, covered with thoughts of love.” Al could no longer rule by hate and fear. Love was the beginning and the end, but more importantly, love was the center. Prompt: Center