You say all who disagree

Should leave the country

But I remember hearing you say

Long ago at another harsh time

That you would defend to the death

the right of someone to speak out.

What makes you uncomfortable now?

The protests are not against country or flag

But against racism and violation of rights.

It’s not about our troops or athletes

But learning to talk again in calm discussion,

Our children would benefit from hearing debate

Where anger and hostility are banned along with hate.

No one wants to leave but many want to arrive and stay.

Our country was founded on freedoms we needed

Freedom of speech, let’s talk. Freedom of assembly, let’s stand

And enjoy the freedoms that have been given by blood and tears.

September 25, 2017


3 thoughts on “Uncomfortable

    1. history tends to repeat itself and comments I hear now are similar to those in the sixties. At that time my brothers and I were having conversations regarding the war in Vietnam. It’s interesting that some people, including me, are drawn into the past while those who missed the controversy will have to meet the bitterness on their own. At that time race was covered up by the war.

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      1. Wow that’s really great. Thanks for sharing and have an awesome day ahead my friend 😊. You have an awesome way of expressing your thoughts and I really enjoy reading it. I am following you now my friend. Please do stay in touch by following me. I hope we can be good friends 😊. And please, if you can, do see my blog and give me your 100% honest opinion about it. It would definitely help my blog to improve.


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