He was a little man
And his friends called him “Zip”.
I thought it was because he was small,
Or because he was constantly dodging cars.
But that wasn’t the case at all.
Wanting to be tall,
He had a peculiar habit of jumping up,
And coming down, almost without touching
the ground.
He bounced like he was on a trampoline,
Suddenly I would see his head,
And then not, then again in a different spot.
I thought maybe he was a zipper, up and down,
But I was wrong again. He was called Zip
because he would zip in and out of a crowd,
Keeping his sense of directions on track.
Once when he he missed his corner
He was too proud to admit he was lost,
And too frugal to pay the cost
Of a cab.
Zip became my friend, and we often talked as we walked,
About topics important to him. He asked,
“Was the world getting smaller or taller?”
He was losing his bounce,
And he worried he had gained an ounce.
“Not to worry,” I said.
“Your heart is getting bigger instead.
You might be small but you are making the world
A better place,
You don’t take up much space,
And you always have a smile on your face.”

I wish more people had a little zip when they walked,
And were happy when they talked.
Zip inspired me.
Now, he’s my best friend,
And I want to be more like him.
He will someday have a place in the sky.
I’ll call him the “Little Zipper.”

April 25, 2017


I’m an avid reader,
I read all kinds of books,
Non-fiction, fantasy, love stories too,
All deserve attention and second looks.
What will the characters do,
as they march from page to page,
I follow admiringly a step behind,
Gathering ideas from sage to sage.
SciFi, poetry, words eaten as a meal,
I can’t get enough of words,
They give me quite a thrill.
I can’t wait for night to fall,
and read before I sleep,
In my dreams characters come to life,
From book to book they leap.
My friends wait behind the covers,
They’re patient as I unwind.
I am an avid reader,
Because they give me peace of mind.


What will you leave behind
When it’s time for you to pass on?
Will your work as a researcher be lost,
And all your efforts be gone?
Who will pass the torch,
And keep up the family names?
Who will uncover the family links
And who will distribute the blame?
Memories of things old or lost,
May fade or just pass away
All the things both said or done
Will remain for display.
Along the path you’ve dropped
Crumbs of your history.
Will your descendants care what happened here,
Or was it all for your vanity?

April 23, 2017


As Important as

I think I’m almost as important as the President.
I get noticed by the I.R.S. every year,
Although no one makes fun of me on SNL.
No dignitaries come to visit, (or want to).
I still get to watch sports in person
Without anyone watching me.
Even though I know how to text on my phone,
Everyone leaves me alone.
Most people don’t care if I ignore them
Because my texts, e-mails, etc.
Don’t get snagged by the FBI and whoever.
No one is watching or listening to me.
Why do I think I’m important?
Because I am a common man,
A citizen of one of the greatest countries of the world.
You may disagree with me,
You can do that in this country.
You have rights and privileges,
Whether man or woman, rich or poor.
Together, united we stand.
I salute my countrymen.
You should be proud of who we are. April 17, 2017



The maples are dressed in crimson robes,
The oaks in various hues.
Cold winds are whipping through the trees,
Beneath the skies of blue.
You don’t say you care for me.
Just three words would suffice.
My life is empty without your love,
Your silence is colder than ice.
Mornings are brutal without love.
I dread to face the day.
Icy stares slice my heart,
Leaving destruction along the way.
In my dreams, you still need me.
Bitterness and bile long forgot.
The weather forecast calls for snow,
But my heart yearns for hot.

April 17, 2017


He decided to measure the board one more time to be sure. His apprentice was quick but when no one was watching, the apprentice would rush things. Often when the foreman thought a job was finished, he would go back and measure again. It didn’t hurt to be certain. His father taught him to be exact. Why couldn’t his apprentice do the same? Measure, measure, measure. Measure three times and cut once and there were few mistakes. His son, the apprentice, didn’t seem to care. How many times could he forgive his son? Did he have to be perfect? The foreman knew his crew and knew they waited for his decision. Would he hire the girl who worked slower and precisely or would he keep his apprentice, his son, who didn’t follow his dad’s instructions? Would the son ever measure up to the foreman’s expectations?


My body is playing tricks again,
and driving me insane.
I’m tired of all the drama,
and tired of all the pain.
My doctor’s appointment is scheduled,
It would be bad if I should miss,
Especially if the doctor shouts,
“Hey everyone! Come and look at this!”
I understand it’s not fun and games
To get a colonoscopy,
It may be a laugh for someone else,
But it’s not much fun for me.
Nothing to eat but an awful drink,
What could be any sadder?
“Oops! It’s time to go,
The drink affects my bladder!”
Doctor, just check me out,
I agree I’m long overdue.
Which way are you going in,
Is it to get a better view?
You’ve done this procedure countless times,
Please be gentle and not rough.
The nurses have already prepped me up,
So, doctor, do your stuff!

April 11, 2017


My heart was left open for you,
Not for a walk through,
or for something to do.
I waited, intentionally,
Leaving my heart unguarded,
Exposed and raw,
Waiting for your heart to thaw,
Hoping that you finally saw,
What you meant to me.
It is bleeding now,
Still ready for you somehow,
Unguarded without walls
Keeping my options open
For you.