My body is playing tricks again,
and driving me insane.
I’m tired of all the drama,
and tired of all the pain.
My doctor’s appointment is scheduled,
It would be bad if I should miss,
Especially if the doctor shouts,
“Hey everyone! Come and look at this!”
I understand it’s not fun and games
To get a colonoscopy,
It may be a laugh for someone else,
But it’s not much fun for me.
Nothing to eat but an awful drink,
What could be any sadder?
“Oops! It’s time to go,
The drink affects my bladder!”
Doctor, just check me out,
I agree I’m long overdue.
Which way are you going in,
Is it to get a better view?
You’ve done this procedure countless times,
Please be gentle and not rough.
The nurses have already prepped me up,
So, doctor, do your stuff!

April 11, 2017