Just before I dash away to work,

I check the mirror for my smirk.

Yes, the smirk is there. I’m  retired

and I can dash away or not at all.

Yet out of habit I grab my coffee,

my phone, a pen or two,

a notepad, and head for the door,

stopping for a moment or more,

to throw in an extra dash of sugar.

My coffee has to be extra sweet

in case the president calls to remind me

that I’m not so perfect either.

That is a real possibility because I dash around

telling every new friend I’ve found

that our country is still sound as a dollar,

at least for one more day.

July 3, 2017







The coffee’s on,
I’ve got a headache.
According to the news,
The world’s in bad shape.
There were floods, accidents,
And rumors of wars.
Much worse than last week.
What should I do,
When everything’s gone awry?
I’ve still got a headache
And my coffee’s getting cold
The neighbor called and said
Her cow got out
And ate her flowers,
Her dog chased a skunk
Now her house smells bad.
My coffee is cold
But my world is not so bad.
It doesn’t stink.
I’m going back to bed
While I’m still ahead.