moon phases


As the moon danced across the sky
I thought this would be the perfect time.
My heart, like the moon, was full,
And I said, “I love you.”
You only smiled and said nothing.
When my world was falling apart
I wanted your advice as a friend.
I said, “I need you.”
You were silent and turned away.
Waiting to be loved was not my forte,
And I could not remain in limbo.
I did not want to stay on the dark side.
My heart found another.
This week you came to me
With stars in your eyes.
You wanted to be my moon
And shine on me forever.
But my heart was in a different phase.
I did not revolve around you anymore.
And, like the moon, I continued across the sky,
Cold and silent, knowing what could have been
Would never be for you and me.
May 3, 2017


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