This had to be my lucky day.
I had returned, ready to parlay
My meager winnings into something big.
Already a crowd was gathering,
To see what I might do,
Curious as to what might ensue,
Whether I won or if I lost,
Anxious to determine the cost.
I started out small,
Trying to build confidence
With each call.
Two jacks, a straight, a flush,
I was getting a rush,
Thinking I was beating the house,
But I caught myself in time.
Something was not quite right.
Perhaps another game tonight
Might quell my fears.
I stopped at a table on my way out. I knew I could roll the dice. I had no doubt. With permission I rolled three, then a four. SEVEN. I was sure I had help from Heaven. I could do it again. Three, then four again. It was time to walk out the door. I didn’t need to win anymore. I smiled and said, “The dice are hot. One more time, and the future is mine.” A three again. No more bets. I would parlay my earnings into treasure. Confidently I cast my second die. It skipped happily across the plush velvet. Another three. I thought I was a gambler but that was all for me. The crowd cheered and said that was brave of me to try one more time. Be that as it may, I’d rather parlay my winnings into something big.


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