He sat there rocking back and forth,
Ruminating about the past,
Wondering how it had gone so fast.
“I never realized that this old hickory chair
Would always be here.
This old chair was around
When Alice and I settled down.
She was my queen until Mildred came to town.
‘Mildred?’ She was my mail order bride,
I couldn’t have chosen a finer woman.
Alice waited patiently outside.
‘Alice? Oh yes, Alice. Alice was my favorite.
Mildred was jealous for awhile
But she realized we couldn’t get work done
Without that mule.
Mildred wasn’t a fool.
My first kiss,
I hope you get all this.
It was something special.
But those times are long gone
And I don’t go to town alone.
Now there’s just you and me
And this old rocking chair of hickory.
Enjoy your time, boy,
And take a moment to ruminate
Before it’s too late.”
Grandpa and me don’t talk much anymore.
I don’t understand his life,
And I’m not sure if he had a wife.
But I just try to be near
If he has something he wants me to hear.


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