She surprised me again last night.

Noiselessly she slipped in,

Planting wet kisses on my brow.

“How do you like me now?”

She was cloaked in mystery,

Cold in demeanor,

Yet there was no way

I could ignore her or turn her away.

I loved her. She knew I watched

And had given her my heart.

Like so many others I fell to her charms.

I didn’t want to end up in her arms,

But when she called I came to her,

Enjoying every moment

Until it was time to go.

She pulled away oh, so slow,

And left me quivering and weak,

High on the shore.

I didn’t dare ask for more

Because her beauty was more than a face.

Once again she found her resting place

Among the rocks and the deep

She waited to dance again,

A pattern, a schedule, her life, all there,

The ocean with wind in her hair,

Rushed in with the tide,

And ebbed out with pride,

Bold and beautiful,

She sang a siren’s song

And I understood why all along

Poets like Masefield were entranced

By her whispers and her constant chatter.

She really did matter,

I knew I must stay close

But not lose my head

Someday buried in the briny depths

Where flesh cannot tread.


April 18, 2016

Dan Roberson


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